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Critical Response Haemorrhage Control Kit
Critical Response Haemorrhage Control Kit
Critical Response Haemorrhage Control Kit
Critical Response Haemorrhage Control Kit
Critical Response Haemorrhage Control Kit

Product Description

Introducing the Critical Rescue Compact Bleed Kit a comprehensive solution designed to address critical injuries effectively and efficiently. This kit is specifically curated to equip you with the essential supplies needed for immediate medical response in emergency situations.

This medium-sized leg first aid kit has a double opening system allows quick and complete access to the interior, and its adjustable position ensures a secure fit on the leg. With its MOLLE panel on the back, it can be conveniently fastened to other bags or vests. The bag features side elastic bands for attaching assorted materials, a double zipper opening system, Velcro badges for identification, a red Velcro band to locate the main handle, side panels with elastic pockets, a central main pocket with adjustable opening system, and a drain hole on the base.

Within this kit, you will find essential tools tailored to control severe bleeding and provide effective wound care. The Celox Haemostatic Granules take center stage, offering a 15g supply of advanced clotting agents. When applied to a wound, these granules rapidly promote clot formation, effectively stopping bleeding and saving valuable time during critical situations.

The Tactical Blast Bandage is a specialized trauma dressing included in this kit. Its innovative design and integrated pressure applicator enable rapid and efficient hemorrhage control. With this bandage, you can quickly stabilize wounds, minimizing further injury and providing crucial support until advanced medical assistance arrives.

Recognized as a leading tourniquet in the field, the C-A-T Combat Application Tourniquet is an essential component of this kit. Its intuitive design allows for quick and effective application, allowing you to control severe bleeding and buy precious time for further medical intervention.

The Trauma Dressing measuring 15CM x 18CM is specifically included to address larger wounds. This sterile and absorbent dressing provides comprehensive coverage and protection for traumatic injuries, preventing contamination and promoting healing.

With the Critical Response Compact Blast Kit, you can trust in the reliable performance of these essential tools. Designed for first responders, healthcare professionals, and anyone involved in critical emergency care, this kit ensures that you have the necessary supplies to handle severe bleeding and trauma with confidence. Be prepared to save lives when every second counts.

Kit Contents

1 x Elite IFAK Pouch

2 X Nitrile Gloves

1 x Foil Blanket

1 x Celox - Haemostatic Granules

1 x Tactical Medical Solutions Blast Bandage for Trauma Wounds

1 x Trauma Dressing 15CM x 18CM

1 X C-A-T Combat Application Tourniquet - BLACK/ORANGE

1 X Paramedic Tuff Cut Scissors

Kit Contents

1 x Elite Bag Medical Pouch

2 X Nitrile Gloves (Steroplast)

2 x Foil Blanket (Steroplast)

1 x Trauma Dressing 15CM x 18CM (Steroplast)

1 X Paramedic Tuff Cut Scissors (Steroplast)

4 X No 2 Ambulance Dressing (Steroplast)

4 X Adhesive Wound Dressing (Steroplast)

2 X Face Shield (Steroplast)

1 X The Emergency bandage - Haemorrhage Control bandage - 6" (PerSys Medical) 

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Critical Rescue
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Critical Response Haemorrhage Control Kit

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