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Product Description

Discover the life-saving efficiency of the Celox Rapid Z Fold Gauze. Leveraging revolutionary Chito-R™ technology, this hemostatic gauze acts swiftly to stop severe arterial bleeding in just 60 seconds. Its compact, lightweight design, combined with the rapid response capability, makes it an essential component of any emergency or hostile situation first aid kit. Experience a new level of survival assurance with Celox Rapid Z Fold Gauze.

An Overview of Celox Rapid Z Fold Gauze

Introducing the groundbreaking Celox Rapid Z Fold Gauze, the fastest acting haemostatic gauze designed to halt severe arterial bleeding in just a minute of compression.

Military Medical Bag

Revolutionary Haemostatic Technology

Unlike traditional trauma gauze's that require at least three minutes of compression, the Celox Rapid Z Fold Gauze leverages the science of Chito-R™ technology. Infused with activated chitosan granules, this emergency gauze sticks to the wet tissue in a wound. It rapidly forms an adhesive gel, sealing the wound, halting blood flow, and slashing compression time.

When Time is of the Essence

In emergency or hostile scenarios where every second is crucial, the rapid response of this gauze truly shines. As an advanced bleeding gauze, it accelerates wound packing time and minimises compression time to just 60 seconds.

Army Medic Treating a Soldier

Military Evacuating via Helicopter

Tested and Proven

The efficacy of Celox Rapid is well-established. In independent testing, it has demonstrated superior performance in handling lethal injuries and significantly reducing blood loss, when compared to alternatives . Furthermore, in tactical evacuation scenarios, this severe injury gauze remains in place during transport, minimising the risk of re-bleeding.

Product Composition

Celox Gauze Z-Fold is composed of 8g pf Celox granules on a stable Viscose 7.6 cm wide gauze, Z-folded. Derived from shrimp chitin, the activated chitosan in Celox Gauze is designed to clot blood upon direct contact with the gauze.

With Celox Rapid Z Fold Gauze, you can be assured of a fast, efficient, and life-saving response to severe bleeding control. 

Army Medic Treating a Soldier

Key Product Features & Benefits

  •  Recognised as the top choice for haemostatic control by the UK Ministry of Defence, marking it as a trusted piece of military medicine gauze.

  •  Works effectively within just 60 seconds of compression or until the bleeding ceases.

  •  Proven to help stop life-threatening bleeding swiftly, highlighting its potential as a life-saving gauze

  •  Significantly reduces blood loss, contributing to enhanced survival chances in severe injury situations.

  •  Unique ability to stop hypothermic bleeding commonly found in severe traumatic injuries, further increasing the likelihood of survival.

  •  Tried and tested, with Celox gauze demonstrating a statistically significant improvement in survival rates, particularly in more severely injured casualties.

  •  Credited with a significant improvement in survival rates compared to alternative agents, based on independent comparative tests and meta-analysis.

  •  Simplified packing and application due to its Z-folded design, enhancing ease of handling and use in emergency situations.

  •  Dense gauze aids in speeding up wound packing, marking it as a rapid response gauze.

  •  Compact and lightweight, the gauze comes in a thin 14mm flat-top pouch, weighing just 32g, making it easy to include in any first aid kit.

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