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The Celox Applicator is a crucial lifesaving device specially designed to rapidly control severe bleeding from penetrating trauma wounds, such as gunshot or stab injuries. The applicator delivers Celox granules directly to the source of bleeding, facilitating a robust clot formation within minutes.

With its simple and intuitive application, it's a trusted choice among military personnel, first responders, and medical professionals for achieving swift and effective haemostasis in emergencies. Its effectiveness, even with hypothermic blood and blood containing anticoagulants, distinguishes it as a unique and reliable haemostatic tool.

Celox Applicator: Your Essential Tool for Severe Bleeding Control

The Celox Applicator is a life-saving device, purpose-built to control severe bleeding swiftly and effectively. It is an ingenious solution for treating difficult-to-treat penetrating trauma, such as knife, gunshot, or shrapnel wounds. Its design takes into account the urgency and the specific challenges of treating such injuries, providing an easy, safe, and reliable way to achieve rapid haemostasis in emergencies.

Celox Prefilled Applicator

Unique Design & Function

Celox Applicator's unique design allows it to deliver Celox granules directly to the bleeding site through a small entry wound. It serves as a high-speed haemostatic application system, ensuring that the wound is treated promptly. Its application is intuitive, allowing even first-aid trained personnel to use it effectively under pressure.

In a variety of emergency scenarios, including military use, the applicator's straightforward mechanism allows for swift and confident application.

Capacity & Efficiency

This pre-filled applicator is equipped with 6g of Celox granules,a lifesaving clotting agent renowned for its unique clotting mechanism. These granules have been scientifically proven to control severe bleeding quickly. The applicator's function lies in its capacity to deliver these potent granules directly to the source of bleeding, a critical factor in managing penetrating trauma.

Army Medical bag

Key Features of the Celox Haemostatic Applicator

  •  Easy and Safe Application: Its design allows for simple usage, even in high-stress situations. With its safety features, both the caregiver and the patient are shielded from potential harm.

  •  Rapid Coagulation: It supports speedy clot formation, essential for controlling bleeding quickly.

  •  High-Speed Applicator for Narrow-Entry Wounds: Its innovative design allows it to deliver Celox granules efficiently into narrow, deep wounds, ensuring effective treatment.

  •  Control of Severe Bleeding: It excels in stemming severe blood flow, which can be life-saving in certain situations.

  •  Effectiveness with Strong Blood Flows: The Celox granules remain effective even in cases of strong blood flows, ensuring reliable performance in critical circumstances.

  •  Treatment for Penetrating Trauma: The applicator is specifically designed to handle deep, penetrating trauma wounds, making it a practical tool in many emergency scenarios.

  •  Robust Packaging: An important feature of the Celox applicator is its waterproof packaging. This ensures the applicator and the Celox granules remain secure and ready for use, regardless of the external environment.

  •  Forms a Gel-Like CLot: This gel-like clot serves as a protective barrier, mitigating further blood loss and allowing for the commencement of the healing process.

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